What Is Parquet Flooring?

Parquet flooring is the title given to a sort of flooring that occupies the origins of its name to the French word parqueterie and dates back to the mid to late 1600’s. Popularly associated with Versailles and the Grand Trianon, parquet flooring is a form of wood flooring made from little blocks or strips of timber which are laid to create a regular and geometric pattern. From the early days, parquet floors has been use to cover or substitute cold tiles also remains popular to this day.

Couple laying on floor of new house

Adding much of its appeal into using various species of wood like oak, walnut, cherry, lime, pine and maple, laying parquet flooring isn’t something suited to an inexperienced DIY-er. Often referred to as vinyl flooring, parquet flooring is highly appreciated and recognized thanks to it’s decorative effect.

Typically placed in regular and geometric, angular contours, you may observe squares, triangles and lozenges including firmly in conventional parquet flooring. Nevertheless, stars and sunlight effects can also be commonly found. For those that prefer a less complete impact, the traditional herringbone or chevron patterns are somewhat more inclined to appeal. Actually today, the herringbone design is potentially the most popular selection for anybody installing parquet flooring.

Parquet floors can be created from both sound, and engineered timber today, although initially it might have been produced by 100% solid wood. Engineered parquet floors on the other hand is created of layers of different kinds of timber, topped with hardwood. Regardless of whether you decide on engineered or solid parquet floors, the final look is going to be the exact same.

If it comes to installing parquet floors, undoubtedly, this is a job for the professionals. At once put with hot bitumen, today, parquet flooring is installed utilizing a cold glue that gives an extremely stable result. Simple to clean and pleasing to the eye, parquet flooring is typically placed in hallways and bedrooms because it’s a great choice to tiles also is significantly warmer under foot.

Like many other wooden floors, parquet flooring should be regularly cleaned using your vacuum cleaner and a damp, but not wet mop. For deep cleaning, you might find that you require a specialist hardwood flooring detergent option, but if so, your floor supplier will be able to advise one of the most appropriate.


9de18f240f72259f_7730-w500-h666-b0-p0--victorian-kidsAn oak tree could be characterized by a very old expression that goes”from little acorns grow mighty oak trees” and this is quite true. The oak tree is renowned for its solidness and strength which is why we like to lay oak flooring. The grain and texture of oak makes it a gorgeous wood to use and you will often find it is a favorite amongst cabinetmakers and carpenters alike. Of course as with anything oak changes as it ages. It becomes darker and almost seems like a different wood completely. Additionally, there are many different varieties of oak that vary from throughout the world so you will always be able to find a colour you prefer.

It is actually nice looking and recognized all around the world because of its sturdiness. Made out of timber that are above A Century previous, and after that utilizing Five five-years when they’re usually reduce to completely fully developed and lower strain. Once they are ready, they’re reduce panels. Which take an additional year to completely dried out. Odds are they fit within a household include them as protected. Last but not least these are created into a claim that makes them prepared to go while flooring.

Once you have installed your favorite oak timber, you are going to find out precisely how effortless it is to maintain. The upkeep merely wants a couple of quickly weekly sweeps to hold it appearing positive. You have to furthermore acquire a cleaning product that protects the true wooden as time moves.


shutterstock_725328574If you’re planning to renovate your home, you need to consider getting wooden flooring for your home. Your home will appear super stylish and classy with hardwood floors. The very best thing about wooden flooring is that it is intended to continue for a lifetime. With the help of floor restoration, your wooden flooring may look sparkling new forever.

Floor sanding for hardwood floors

Nobody would want to make their floors look dull. Floors is an significant part your house. Sanding your hardwood floors can help your home look attractive. Floor sanding may be a little difficult endeavor. However, you can make your flooring easy and even with it.

Many of us are busy with work and discover no time for floor restoration. If you don’t need to do the task manually, then you can buy electronic sanders. It’ll make your job simpler. You might also hire a professional who will do the work for you.

Wooden flooring is best suited for contemporary houses. By keeping it and taking good care of it, you are able to ensure that these floorings look fresh eternally. If your hardwood flooring has minor scratches and cracks, sanding is a fantastic idea. However, if it’s seriously cracked you ought to consult an expert who will aid you.

If you prefer sanding your wooden flooring at home, you should take all the essential precautions. Read the instructions properly before carrying out the undertaking. It’s strongly suggested that you take the assistance of experts when sanding wooden flooring.


556964_351972631520860_200898744_nIf you have decided to take the plunge and replace the carpeting in your home with hardwood floors, you need to be certain you place some very careful consideration to your investment.

Because there are various different types of hardwood flooring accessible, without conducting adequate investigation and without seeking professional advice if necessary, you could fall in the trap of investing in unsuitable flooring.

When you’re investing in hardwood floors, you want to think carefully about a couple of things. Failing to consider even one significant factor into account could make all the difference between flooring being flooring and perfect becoming highly unsuitable.

The durability of hardwood flooring is undoubtedly one of the most crucial things which you need to believe about, as well as different types of flooring provide different levels of durability, it’s important to do your own research.

If like most homeowners, different rooms at the home have different needs, it is possible to mix and fit wooden flooring so, though a large proportion do choose to put in the exact same kind of flooring throughout.

The ideal hardwood floors really can make all the difference, so choose wisely.


11053133_10152693558002680_4545884468187308_nOnce you’ve decided to invest in wooden flooring, you can not immediately discard of your thinking cap, since there are a number of crucial things think which you still should consider before your work is complete.

Although the majority of people understand exactly how much of a fantastic alternative to carpets hardwood flooring is, even if they are venturing down the path of wooden flooring for the first time, most are pleasantly surprised by exactly how much choice they have.

Wooden flooring is presently offered in an assortment of shades- from very mild to very dark- and – deciding whether to decide on dark or light flooring is one of the most important decisions which needs to be made.

Deciding whether to go dark or light doesn’t need to eat away at a huge chunk of your time though, as considering a couple of simple things can assist you in making the proper decision.

Light and dark wooden flooring can offer very different looks, and your personal preference will play a massive role in your decision. But, you also ought to think about a few other items, like whether flooring is likely to be subjected to regular accidental liquid spills or hefty and grubby foot traffic.

Ultimately, the decision is completely in your hands, although a specialist can always help to point you in the right direction.

The Benefits of White Oak Flooring

Norske Oak Manning Main Image-800x800This type of oak tends to have a finer grain and more repetitive pattern than red oak. Thanks to its overall hardness, white pine can be reputed to stain more uniformly than red pine. This makes white oak a great choice for homeowners who wish to enjoy the classic elegance of oak whilst adding a touch of custom colour.

Homeowners who opt for white oak can complement this lovely flooring with furnishing, upholstery and draperies in any tone that matches their preferred stain. Cool colours and light choices tend to bring out the best in white oak. Like red oak, the most popular board width now is 3 1/4 inches, though other widths are also available.

How to keep a smooth surface ?

How to keep a smooth surface ?

Let’s talk about your wood flooring a little bit. We love our occupation and to take care of your floors condition , but we also want to share with you how to keep your floors long lasting and protected before any hard procedure. There different types of harm which depend on if you have a pet,how big is your family , how long you live in your home and many more like these so here are couple of options which are not good to do with wooden floor at home- Do not use abrasives or harsh chemicals to clean your floor, do not use steam mops on your hardwood floor, do not pour cleaning product directly on floor, if you have being hidden it under carpet for an years you are going to need sanding in any case and we also want you try not yo wear high heel shoes on wood floors and if you could do not allow pet stains remain untreated it will be great !
These options are going to help your floors in the time and they will need sanding let’s say not on five but on seven years for example, because it won’t be that harmed! As a company which care for your home comfort we wish you sparkling floor and important big steps on them !


Improving your home interior with hardwood

Everyone makes choices about their home and interior. We see this increase in tendencies of improving your home with hardwood. A classic hardwood is back on top. The wooden floor in each room gives comfort, tranquillity and warmth and these are the main reasons why our customers are choosing it!

If you’re thinking of putting a new hardwood floors, you can’t go wrong. All types of hardwood floors have natural beauty and fit well with any interior — modern, traditional, country, you name it! Hardwood are good also for kitchens and basements but there they require a special considerations.

Wood floors fill these spaces with an instant classic feel, traditional look and beauty that you can experience over the years and this is important because home is place that doesn’t just exist outside, but it is living inside us! To have a home that we love is important for our emotional health and also to feel good in our home and there are just a few things that every home should be full of – laugh , games, good vibes and a shiny smooth wooden flooring!